Probably the most complete range of magnetic contacts. Meeting the highest security standards.

A highly qualified and complete range of contacts

Highly accurate magnetic contact sensors provide reliable detection of unwanted activity. Aritech offers a wide selection of wired and wireless options, from discreet, low-profile models to heavy-duty sensors with rugged housings for the most robust applications.

  • Aritech offers a wide range of magnetic contacts to address specific issues, depending on the type of installation and application: Surface mount, Recessed mount and Overhead, as well as contacts for special applications.
  • All models are designed to install quickly and easily for complete security that’s convenient and cost-effective.
  • The strength and type of components of magnetic contacts determine the performance. Aritech magnetic contacts are used in different challenging environments reducing the risk on nuisance alarms.
  • Aritech magnetic contacts are developed to last long and provide high reliability thanks to the specific reed switches that are used. Reed switches present the heart of a magnetic contact.


High security and Flexibility


Today customers are demanding more sophisticated security for their buildings, whether it is in offices buildings, museums, schools or whether it is for military facilities.

In its continuous drive to optimize it’s offering, Aritech is introducing new types of Magnetic contacts

Magnetic Contacts DC418 and DC428 meet the highest certification level of the EN 50131-2-6, EN grade 4. 
With an LED, providing the installer with feedback on status during the entire teaching-in process, this sensor contributes to a comfortable and flexible installation.


Newly introduced IM1640PAG-G3 (Armored cable) and IM1640PSG-G3
Magnetic contacts, meeting EN 50131-2-6 grade 3 and NFA2P RTC 50131-2-6. With a robust housing, these contacts provide increased protection for attempts in both armed and disarmed conditions.

  • Aritech offers a wide array of magnetic contacts to address specific issues. Depending on type of installation, type of application.
  • From EN2, EN3, up to the highest security level EN grade 4.
  • Aritech contacts are designed for high performance and ease of installation.